Kaldalón hf.: Issuance of shares completed

Today, Kaldalón hf. has concluded issuance of new shares to funds managed by Stefnir and Vátryggingarfélag Íslands in accordance with company announcement dated 24th of June 2021. Additionally, Kaldalón hf. issued 40.000.000 new shares to company\’s market maker.

The combined nominal value of issued shares is ISK nominal value at the price of 1,3 ISK per share.

New shareholders have paid for issued shares and the capital increase will be registered of the undertakings of the Iceland Revenue and Customs and the share capital  will amount to nominal value of 4.700.801.306. It will be requested the the new shares will be issued by the Nasdaq central securities depository and that the shares will be listed on the Main Market of Nasdaq Iceland.

Kaldalón\’s board of directors is authorized to issue new share in accordance with resolution on general meeting dated 26th of June 2020 and confirmed on shareholder meeting 7th of December 2020. According to the resolution current shareholders do not hold priority of purchase right for new shares, but the board of directors is allowed to sell new shares to investors.


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